Parliamentarians have asked the government to ensure that Shs758.72bn is availed in the Ministry of Agriculture's 2024/25 budget to address the issues of Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) to restore the integrity of Uganda's animal sub-sector.

This was after Parliament’s Agriculture Committee observed the persistent outbreaks of pests, vectors, and diseases especially FMD have been characterized by minimal budgets to address the problem, which explains why many districts have had escalating outbreaks of FMD & PPR, which has affected the animal market both domestically & internationally.

“The Ministry requires Shs769.12Bn for the purchase of FMD vaccines and vaccine cold chain equipment for biannual vaccination of the 44 million animals at risk, but only Shs11Bn has been availed in the budget.

Furthermore, Shs15.1Bn is required for the purchase of pesticides, spray pumps, and other assorted equipment for control of crop pests and diseases but only Shs1.5Bn has been budgeted for.

The Ministry also requires Shs10Bn for the purchase of assorted laboratory reagents, consumables, and supplies for control of animal diseases, but only Shs7.52Bn,” said Janet Okori-Moe, Chairperson Agriculture Committee.