The Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among, Thursday halted an attempt by Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga County MP) to ignite a debate on corruption allegations that were recently unearthed on social media during the Uganda Parliament Exhibition.

The Speaker who didn't look an inch amused by Ssekikubo's move said they cannot discuss social media lugambo to allow Members of Parliament (MPs) to handle serious issues like the 2024/25 ministerial policy statements for some agencies.

“By the time I leave my house very early in the morning, I have come for serious business. Let us dispose of some Ministerial Policy Statements,” Among said.

Ssekikubo procedural issue comment sought clarification on when the Speaker would allow MPs to hold a debate on some of the allegations of corruption as she had promised before breaking off of the Easter Holiday.

“You had undertaken that we shall have an opportunity to debate on the issue of the Parliament Exhibitions wherein, members read the profligacy of this House, whereupon the allegations of the handshake to the Commissioners was debated, whereabout, the back bench commissioners were given money ranging from Shs400M to Shs500M and you undertook that an opportunity will be availed to us to have this matter thoroughly debated, concluded and put to rest,” remarked Ssekikubo.

MPs defend Speaker

However, Ssekikubo’s submission was cut short by Silas Aogon (Kumi Municipality MP) who accused him of disturbing the proceedings of Parliament, at the time MPs were racing with time to consider the 2024/25 national budget.

“The colleague knows that Parliament is right now too busy with budget and we need not to divert because the time we have on the ground is so thin. Is it in order for the Member to disturb the House when we are already in a tight position? Is he in order not to trust the Chair who already gave you the assurance that we are ready and Parliament is proceeding well?” said Aogon.

Dan Kimosho (Kazo County MP) wondered if Ssekikubo’s accusations of land grabbing, evictions, and murders made on radios in Sembabule district should also be debated in Parliament since he wants MPs to debate every matter reported in media.

“Has it been a culture that Parliament will discuss everything that comes in the papers? If that is the trend, Ssekikubo is my neighbor, his constituency borders mine, on a daily or weekly, I have heard news on our local radios talking about Ssekikubo to be a land grabber.

I have never taken it as an issue and yet his involvement at whatever level affects the reputation of this Parliament being he is MP. I have never thought that what you pick on media becomes an issue for debate and discussion,” said Kimosho.

“Is it therefore in order for Ssekikubo who knows that he has been repetitively accused of grabbing land, and evicting people, there are cases of murder reported at Police involving his name, Parliament has never discussed that. Is he in order to think that his should be kept under the carpet and other issues should be thrown out of air?” he added.