The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, John Mulimba, has confirmed that over 290 Ugandans are stranded in India, Egypt, and Myanmar, after being trafficked out of the country.

Mulimba who made the confirmation on the floor of parliament Thursday afternoon said there are fears that some of the victims have been recruited into rebel activities.

The minister said: "The traffickers recruit desperate Ugandans via fictitious Websites. Most victims respond to an online advertisement for highly paying jobs in Thailand and Malaysia.” 

“When they embark on the journeys either by air or by boats via the ports of Mombasa, they are received by traffickers at the designated places. They are then transferred to Myanmar via boats or road to rebel-controlled areas.” 

"Currently, the known records of Ugandans in rebel territories are 30. They are held in 2 camps namely; 16 persons in Bailo compound - Kayin state and 14 in UK Compound.”

“Some of the migrant groups have already submitted approximately 60 Ugandans in need of evacuation and stating that they were unable to meet the conditions set forth by the Egyptian Government.”

“The exact number of Ugandans staying in Egypt is unknown mainly because Ugandans don’t register their presence with the Mission, and secondly, because those who are illegally in the country cannot have their records updated by authorities." 

“Current reports from the Uganda High Commission in New Delhi indicate that they have up to 200 stranded Ugandan ladies mostly victims of human trafficking who want to return home but are unable due to lack of funds to purchase air tickets. The Mission does not have adequate space to accommodate them. They were trafficked under the guise of jobs, which are not there."