NOT GOOD AT ALL: Organ Transplant Activities In Uganda Have Been Halted Because Of Lack Of Funds

The Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, has revealed that all organ transplant activities in Uganda have been halted until Shs5bn is availed for the training and operations of the Human Organ...

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  • HERE WE GO AGAIN: Leader of Opposition, Joel Ssenyonyi, tables before Parliament, a list of detained & missing NUP supporters

    The Leader of Opposition (LOP), Joel Ssenyonyi has tabled before Parliament, a list of the detained without trial & missing National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters as requested for by Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi, the new Minister of State for Youth Affairs.

    “I seek your indulgence so that for the umpteenth time, I table those lists again so that there is no excuse from anybody because; there are people who are saying NUP isn’t availing these lists.

    All of a sudden, there are some people who care so much about these people. It is good that they now agree with us that these people are simply being persecuted,” said Ssenyonyi.

    "Otherwise, if there was any offence that they committed, 3years down the road, somebody should have been tried, so it is good that they are seeing what we have been saying.

    So, for there not to be pretense, for there not to be excuse especially from Government who sit with us here in Parliament where we have tabled lists, I seek your indulgence that I table these lists again," he added.

    Ssenyonyi reemphasized the need for Parliament to orient new members arguing that had Balaam undergone some training on parliamentary affairs, he would have known where and how to access those lists within Parliament.

    Barnabas Tinkasimire (Buyaga West MP) sought clarification on what basis Balaam demanded these lists, wondering if he was going to apply for amnesty of these people through the Amnesty Commission.

    “I am finding what we are discussing strange and I will need guidance. We have the Amnesty law in this country, when the lists are laid before Parliament as requested by Balaam, are we handling some amnesty process?

    Because as far as I know, when you are suspected to commit a crime, you are produced before courts of law and a due process is followed. It is those who choose to ask for Amnesty and formally apply for it in the Amnesty Commission that are given Amnesty. Was he applying for Amnesty?” remarked Tinkasimire.

    Ssenyonyi's predecessor, Mathias Mpuuga, also tabled the lists but no action was taken even when the When he was Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja acknowledged knowing where some of the missing persons like John Bosco Kibalama are being held by government.

    "We've tabled these lists in Parliament before, shared the same with Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), and the same records are in court where the matters are.

    So for those fellows in government who say they agree with us that their government is brutal and continues to illegally detain political opponents, they can access the lists, and stop pretending that they don't know who these people are or where the lists are."

    "We continue to demand for the immediate release of these Ugandans who are being persecuted. Recently, myself and other MPs stood surety for those in jail after the court martial irregularly rejected their parents and spouses as sureties saying they are not substantial," he said.

    He added: "On 15th April, the Court Martial is going to rule on our substantiality as sureties. If the court martial thinks Parents, Spouses and National leaders are not substantial sureties for these persecuted people, we shall demand that they tell us who we should bring to court that is substantial enough."

  • HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Foreign Affairs Minister Confirms 290 290 Ugandans Are Stranded In India, Egypt & Myanmar

    The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, John Mulimba, has confirmed that over 290 Ugandans are stranded in India, Egypt, and Myanmar, after being trafficked out of the country.

    Mulimba who made the confirmation on the floor of parliament Thursday afternoon said there are fears that some of the victims have been recruited into rebel activities.

    The minister said: "The traffickers recruit desperate Ugandans via fictitious Websites. Most victims respond to an online advertisement for highly paying jobs in Thailand and Malaysia.” 

    “When they embark on the journeys either by air or by boats via the ports of Mombasa, they are received by traffickers at the designated places. They are then transferred to Myanmar via boats or road to rebel-controlled areas.” 

    "Currently, the known records of Ugandans in rebel territories are 30. They are held in 2 camps namely; 16 persons in Bailo compound - Kayin state and 14 in UK Compound.”

    “Some of the migrant groups have already submitted approximately 60 Ugandans in need of evacuation and stating that they were unable to meet the conditions set forth by the Egyptian Government.”

    “The exact number of Ugandans staying in Egypt is unknown mainly because Ugandans don’t register their presence with the Mission, and secondly, because those who are illegally in the country cannot have their records updated by authorities." 

    “Current reports from the Uganda High Commission in New Delhi indicate that they have up to 200 stranded Ugandan ladies mostly victims of human trafficking who want to return home but are unable due to lack of funds to purchase air tickets. The Mission does not have adequate space to accommodate them. They were trafficked under the guise of jobs, which are not there."