The Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, has told Parliament that the international donors have announced plans to end funding malaria projects in Uganda & have government raise its own funds to fight against malaria because the donors have now turned their focus on other global issues like wars in Ukraine & Gaza as well as climate change activities.

“Our partners are no longer willing to increase any more funding for malaria, they have all levelled off.  We were invited to Cameroon recently, I was there in person and we were told the world has moved on to climate change issues, global health security and to wars in Ukraine and Israel.

So we were told to sign a declaration that each of the 10 high burden countries will look for their own domestic resources and bring their malaria pandemics or epidemics to an end by themselves. So, we aren’t looking for any additional increase of resources for malaria, it has to be domestic resources," Dr Aceng said.  

Unsustainable reliance on foreign donors

The Minister decried Uganda’s over reliance on foreign donors in funding Uganda’s health sector budget, saying that in the 2024/25 national budget the Ministry of Health has been allocated Shs1.328Trn, of which 85% of this total budget is being financed by donors.

“In the 2024/25 national budget, the Ministry of Health has been allocated Shs1.328Trn. We take note that external financing takes the greater percentage. The budget under the Ministry of Health is highly subsidized by external donors at 85% and these funds are earmarked for health commodities like Global Fund and GAVI that benefit the entire health system there is need to moblise domestic resources in a phased manner in the mid-term,” said Dr Aceng.