The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), an opposition political party has rolled out its activities for the year 2024 in what looks like an advancement to the upcoming general elections in 2026.

Speaking to journalists in Kampala, the ag National Coordinator, Alice Alaso, said the party has been implementing a five-year strategic plan which has been directing ANT activities since 2021.

She said: "Immediately after the 2021 elections, we decided in our strategic plan to address the challenges we faced in the election but also to do activities that position the ANT as a political party in the political landscape of Uganda,"  

"We have identified and built the capacity of the leaders at the national level. All the leaders of the ANT that you see at the national level have been trained in various aspects of managing political parties & relating internationally and locally,"  

"We have equipped our regional and sub-regional leaders and district coordinators on the ideology of the party and institutional framework that runs this Political Organization."  

 "Today, we are starting a rollout of activities for the year 2024 and that roll out focuses on grassroots mobilization which is a carry forward. We did some of it last year and the other year,"

"We intend that by the end of the year, we will have covered 70 Districts on top of the ones we already did in the North, West, and in the East last year and the other year. These activities are going to run from the 8th of April up to the End of May 2024."

"The phase we are flagging off today covers 10 districts. The first 10 districts are in Bunyoro, Tooro, West Nile, Acholi, Buganda and Eastern Uganda; specifically Teso and Bukedi Sub regions,”