Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team Donates To Sembabule Hospital

Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team Donates To Sembabule Hospital

One of the most important wards in the hospital is the maternity ward where expectant mothers give their all to bring life to earth yet they remain the most riskier wards because of poor facilitation.

It gets worse if the hospital is in a rural area; in Uganda, rural hospitals are poorly funded by both government and the private sector. Also, not many doctors want to work in rural health facilities.

It is therefore a relief for these health centres when they receive donations from different stakeholders. This past Saturday, Sembabule Hospital was on the receiving end from Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team. 

The Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team was in the area to participate in the Sembabule SMC Rally 2021, the third round of the 2020 National Rally Championship.

The rally team led by their lead driver Rajiv Ruparelia assembled an assortment of gifts targeting the maternity ward of the hospital in Sembabule.

According to Daniel Kahiu, the team manager of Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team, the items donated included 50kgs of sugar, 3 boxes of bathing soap, 3 dozen of cotton wool and 4 boxes of gloves.

Kahiu said they are hopeful that donation will be impactful.

The Sembabule SMC Rally 2021 which took place on Saturday was a disaster for Rajiv Ruparelia who dropped out of the race in the second stage after VW Polo was damaged following his collision with a stray dog.