Speke Resort, Guido Return With Christmas Kids Camp

Speke Resort, Guido Return With Christmas Kids Camp

For many parents, there is no better time to bond with their children than during the long third term school holiday. The long holiday which usually starts late November to early February coincides with the festive season.

The school break and the festive season gives creative parents plenty of option to spend time with their offsprings and rejuvenate their relationships. They are plenty of activities that parents can indulge in their children for not only the family bonding but also the children’s personal growth.

And this festive season, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort together with Guido’s Kids Club is hosting kids at their annual Christmas Camp starting from 15th December 2019 to 6th January 2020 at the hotel in Munyonyo. The camp comes with different daily activities to stimulate the children’s social life.

The activities of the day will include free play on play structure table games, basketball or volleyball, in the morning before they enjoy a snack for breakfast, football, free play in the swimming pool area under supervision and lunch is served at 12:30 pm. In the afternoon kids get to enjoy table games, music, dance, reading, drawing, craft and French club, swimming classes and free play before the days end at 4:30 pm.

For a daily fee of Shs60, 000 including lunch for kids between 2 years and 12 years, the Camp gives children an opportunity to interact and make friends with other children which can boost their interpersonal social life growth.