Health Mobile App Startup Ready For Launch

Health Mobile App Startup Ready For Launch

Byon8, a Sweden’s med-tech company developing intelligent technology for the global health care sector, has finalized plans to launch a lifesaving mobile App called AITOPYA.

Last year, Byon8, OneWorld Health (OWH), an American health organization with clinics in Masindi, western Uganda and Victoria University Kampala signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to implement and evaluate the efficiency of the Artificial Intelligent diagnostic support platform (AITOPYA) in a Ugandan context during a one year pilot project.

Victoria University through its faculty of health sciences spearheaded the research component of this project.

They assembled a team of researchers to collect data, analyze and publish it in peer review journals. The applicability, feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of AITOPYA was tested during this period.

Sharon Yeo, Digital Marketing Associate at Byon8, said the App is now also available to people who are not feeling well and want a free mobile health check-up in any location, even outside a health center.

"You can download it on the Google Play store and feel free to tell us your feedback. It will be launched on a later date in the App Store," she said.