Ruparelia Group Imports Disinfectant Tunnels To Combat COVID-19

Ruparelia Group Imports Disinfectant Tunnels To Combat COVID-19

Ruparelia Group of Companies, through Sphere Supplies Ltd, have started importing specialized Disinfectant Tunnels, which can be used to sanitize over 500 people per day to help combat coronavirus.

The computerized Disinfectant Tunnels, according to Sphere Supplies, can be installed at public premises like markets, hospitals, schools, arcades, malls, churches, office buildings and public car parks.

The high tech equipment will go along way in helping people live with the coronavirus that has devastated and bruised humanity. About 500, 000 of the 7m people affected by coronavirus have died.

While there has been no death in Uganda associated to coronavirus, the country has registered over 700 cases and is coming out of a three-month-long lockdown that helped curtail the spread of the deadly virus.

It is therefore hoped that with equipment like the Disinfectant Tunnels Disinfectant Tunnel, people will be saved from contracting and spreading the virus. Also, business premises will be able to function well knowing they have minimized the risk of spreading the virus.

Sphere Supplies Ltd, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group, has put the price of each Disinfectant Tunnel at just Shs15 million, with taxes included. You can make your order at their office located 4th Floor, Crane Chambers, Plot 38, in Kampala or Call +256707544000, or contact info@spheresupplies .com.

The equipment is simply a Walkthrough artificially made tunnel, which can disinfect several people at a time. Essentially these tunnels spray a mist of sodium hypochlorite solution, a chlorine compound often used as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent, as you pass through them.