Bobi Wine, Besigye Dare Museveni With Noisy No Nedda Campaign

Bobi Wine, Besigye Dare Museveni With Noisy No Nedda Campaign

Uganda’s leading opposition leaders Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine of People Power and People’s Government president Dr Kizza Besigye have united to launch a new defiance campaign to unsettle the regime.

The new campaign dubbed No Nedda unveiled Monday morning at a press conference held at a hotel in Wakiso by United Forces of Change commences 16 Tuesday, 2020 at lunchtime across the entire country.

The No Nedda campaign is aimed at uniting Ugandans in voicing their call to government to end injustices meted on Ugandans especially those who don’t support the ruling National Resistance Movement and President Yoweri Museveni.

Speaking at the press conference, Bobi Wine emphasized the need for Ugandan to unite and make their voices heard. “It is important that we work together. We can only lead and show you the way but you must be involved. We are asking you to say no,” Bobi Wine said.

Don’t Say No Silently

Bobi Wine, who is also the MP for Kyadondo East, called on Ugandans not to sleep but rather speak out loudly. Don’t say no silently, he said.

He elaborated that the No Nedda campaign will be a peaceful protest to bring to attention the various wrongs the regime has condemned Ugandans to.

To participate in the No Nedda campaign, Bobi Wine encouraged opposition supporters to make constructive and necessary noise with whatever item they can use to make any sound in protest.

“As leaders, we are leading the way but we need to know that you are there with us. Speak and be hard.” Bobi Wine called out.

In his speech, Dr Besigye emphasized that ‘the time has come’ to ‘lock our hands’ and ‘say that we matter.’ “Raise your voices so that that people can know that we are important,” he said.

“Those who have no food, we request you to bang whatever you have. If it is a saucepan, bang it. If it is a jerrycan, bang it. Whatever you have, bang it. Let the government hear your cry,” Besigye said.

Bobi Wine, Besigye In 2021 Union

Bobi Wine and Besigye expressed interest and possibility for the two leading opposition politicians joining forces ahead of 2021 elections because they have realized it is the only way they can defeat the ruling NRM party.

“This country is bigger than all of us individuals. We as leaders can only see and show you the way. We are announcing these activities and can only succeed if we all work hand in hand. We have been talking and this we are doing is yet another step in the right direction.

We see the counterattacks and it this should be a message that we should not be each other’s enemy. We must know that there is only one enemy,” Kyagulanyi said.

“The more we fight against each other, the more we delay the change that Ugandans want. As leaders, we can only see and show you the way but we must all work together. I call upon all Ugandans to speak up and speak loudly. Say ‘No’ in word and in action. This is going to be the necessary noise,” Kyagulanyi said.

Besigye noted that it has not been an easy journey to come to this day of joining hands as united forces of change. "What we have done today is a new chapter calling upon all Ugandans to come together.”