Phaneroo’s Apostle Grace Lubega To Usher Nation Prophetically Into 2021

Phaneroo’s Apostle Grace Lubega To Usher Nation Prophetically Into 2021

Phaneroo Ministries International will this time round hold its end of year prayers online due to the negative effects of Covid-19.

A few days ago, the Information Minister Judith Nabakooba revealed that the government had suspended all New Year night celebrations, including the display of fireworks, prayers and converging in trading centres as a way of controlling the spread of the pandemic.

With such directive from the government, Phaneroo's lead Preacher Apostle Grace Lubega has decided to pass his new year message to believers via online.

The prayers will be an explosive overnight of signs, miracles and wonders as Apostle Lubega ushers Ugandans into 2021.

Just like last year when he prophesied Covid-19 (video:, Apostle Lubega, the vision bearer of Phaneroo will this time as well make truthful revelations for 2021.

"God speaks to us every year because God loves people, because God cares for people and I believe that there are people who God speaks to about destinies of nations and generations. I have been blessed to see a lot over the years," Apostle Lubega said during last year's prophetic prayers. God reveals to redeem.

I want to tell you a few things I saw for our nation and the few things I saw outside this nation. Some I was allowed to share freely today. A few things I feel are important. When we speak about what's going to come, we do not just want you to know but we want you to pray.....I warned you about ebola and what I see this coming year, I saw a demon spirit and it was like of cough and flu. Its demonic because of the much money people lose during the process," he added.

The prayers which shall start at 10 pm on 31st December, are going to be streamed  on, Youtube, Facebook, YO, Spirit TV and LTV. The prayers will also be aired on regional radio stations such as Radio West (Western Uganda), Favour FM (North), Spirit FM (Central), Star FM (Central), Open Gate FM (East), Voice of Teso FM (East) and City FM (East).

Phaneroo continues to shape the destinies of thousands, setting a pattern of greatness, drawing countless people into intimate relationship with the Most High God and pioneering a generation of distinctive believers who are sold out to the cause of the gospel.