Uganda’s COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Tally Reaches 1,000

Uganda’s COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Tally Reaches 1,000

The cumulative number of COVID-19 confirmed positive cases since the first case was reported in March has reached the 1000 mark after 219,627 samples were tested during the period.

This comes after Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa, director general health services, at the ministry of health in a statement on Thursday confirmed 23 new COVID-19 cases from 3,316 samples tested on Wednesday.

Uganda hasn’t recorded a single COVID-19 related death.

“To-date, Uganda registered a total of 908 COVID-19 recoveries (recoveries include both Ugandan and non-Ugandans who were admitted here because they could not be repatriated immediately) and no COVID-19 death recorded,” Dr. Mwebesa said.

Positive returnees

Of the 23 confirmed cases on Wednesday, twelve are Ugandan nationals who returned from abroad – eight are from Afghanistan, three from DRC, one from South Africa. They were under quarantine at the time of test, the ministry said.