Victoria University Announces Date It Will Start Online Classes

Victoria University Announces Date It Will Start Online Classes

Victoria University has announced that it will start conducting online classes for its students on the 28th September, 2020, the Ag.Vice Chancellor Bill Nkeeto has revealed.

This decision has been reached the National Council for Higher Education wrote to Victoria University giving them permission to proceed with e-learning as it had requested in a May application.

Nkeeto said this lockdown put their students and their parents at stake with arguable responses on how to go about with their education while at home and many of them couldn’t continue with their studies

He noted that a ray of hope was shone to the education sector when President Museveni Okayed the opening of institutions with final year students undertaking health-related courses and trainings to curb the human resource gap in the Health sector following the current Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

This followed strict guidelines and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and other experts.

Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) through its member bodies has been working hard to ensure that education resumes following the issuance of COVID-19 SOP guidelines which were issued in September, 2020.

Victoria University having health and science related programmes, had on 22nd May, 2020 applied to the National Council for Higher Education to roll out an emergency Open Distance and E-learning system during the current lockdown.

The NCHE conducted an inspection of the Victoria University e-learning facilities and was convinced that this Premier University was ready to start its online teaching programmes for its students.

The permission is valid for twelve (12) months or the duration of the COVID-19 crisis as will be determined by the relevant authorities and renewal can be applied for at least (2) months before the expiry of the (12) twelve months period if necessary.