Bank Of Uganda Sacks All Mbale Currency Centre Staff

Bank Of Uganda Sacks All Mbale Currency Centre Staff

The issue of money being stolen from the Bank of Uganda currency centres has been in the news for a long time with the central bank refuting the claims.

But the news coming through is that the central bank has sacked all staff at the Mbale currency centre after an investigation, according to PML Daily.

The online publication reports that the investigation by Bank of Uganda established that some of the workers were involved in the theft of hard cash.

“Sources said more security was on Thursday deployed at the currency centre in an attempt to reinforce monitoring and supervision,” the publication reported.

It adds, quoting sources, that all staff at the centre from cleaners to senior managers were fired after some of them were caught on CCTV camera picking the old currency that is destined to be destroyed.

PML Daily couldn’t get a comment from the central bank’s communication manager to clarify the matter as she was unreachable.

Recently, Francis Kakeeto, the Assistant Currency Director Bank of Uganda Mbale Branch, and two other officials were charged in relation to the reported extra currency that BoU brought into the country from France in April.